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Goofing With Nigerian Scammers



Your hosts for this website are Marie and Donny Osmond respectively. Not the real ones, our fake ones. The names are an obvious giveaway to anyone who is American or even slightly literate of American cultural. Our Donny and Marie are married and live in Ogden, Utah. They are Mormon and the parents of five little boys. Donny is sort of down and out, kind of crude, trying to be hip and working as a janitor in a music recording studio. Marie is oversexed, underbrained, scheming, manipulating and works as a stripper at the Lace nightclub. Donny and Marie are obliged to answer these e-mails and help these Nigerian fools with their problems.   They have a cast of celeb friends like Shaquille O'Neil, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt who will step in from time to time to help out.
We've all been bombarded with these e-mails from Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana or other West African countries offering to send us millions of dollars. Usually it's a banker, widow, or government official who somehow just can't figure out what to do with tens of millions of dollars sitting in a Nigerian Bank account. They desperately need your help. You, the silly little guy or gal, sitting at your silly computer in Europe or North America.  Why you, you may ask?  Because of all the tens of billions of people in the world, it just simply comes down to you to help these pathetic West Africans to rescue unclaimed money from falling into the wrong hands. They ask for so little in exchange.  Maybe at first just a few million off the top and of course later a few fees to pay for the attorneys, then bribe the officials, process the documents, pay for phones and offices, and so on and so on. Then they'll need your bank account number to deposit this fortune. They're happy to meet up with you in Europe or Nigeria or elsewhere do engage in the transaction personally. Once they get you there, you and your family will be expected to payoff kidnappers and the corrupt policemen and government officials. You will be worked and bled financially until you are completely broke, wiped out emotionally, and in some cases, dead!

The Famous Mariam Abacha center with daughters at her side, plotting their next big 419 scam.

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According to published reports, the Nigerian Advance Fee, or 419 Fraud, has been around since the 1980's. It has evolved into a primarily e-mail fueled scheme with the proliferation of the Internet. It is estimated that over $10 billion has been fraudulently acquired by the Nigerians who run this scam. The public is becoming more aware but every day, people lose thousands of dollars to these crooks.
So what could be a more fun and effective payback than to scam the scammers. It's the same tactic that I like to use with telemarkets who call me at home. Let's play along, fake interest, fake stupidity, waste their time, lead them on, let them make genuine fools of themselves. It keeps them away from more vulnerable folks and meanwhile, maybe one soul will read this and be educated about these goofballs and their scam.
Friends, this is not an attack on the good, honest and decent people of Nigeria or West Africans.  This is not racially motivated.  This is an attack on a certain criminal element stemming from a certain geographic region that has plundered and devastated the pocketbooks and bank accounts of hundreds of thousands of innocent people across the world.  Think of petty theives and crooks when you think of these guys.  And according to documented reports they can turn very violent if dealt with in person.  If you are so inclined to goof or bait them NEVER, EVER give these guys your real name, real phone, real address, or real bank account. Only use an untraceable web based e-mail account like Yahoo, Hotmail or similiar.  If you decide to engage, keep them at a very safe distance.   
Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy as Donny and Marie and their cast of characters goof on those infamous Nigerian Scammers!!!
Cautionary Note:  Some of our goofs have adult themes, adult language and some nudity.  Do not go beyond this page unless you are 18 years of age or older.  


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